Home Staging

Our main goal is to help our customers to sell or rent a property faster and at the best price, making it more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers, getting more deals in less time.

There is not a second chance to make a first impression

The Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale or to rent without major reforms, to get your property show its potential only through small changes in furniture, reorganization of space and decorative touches that highlight its strengths. The statistics say that a good presentation of a house can reduce the time of sale on the market in half, and can increase its value by up to 15% with a minimal investment.

With a Home Staging service your house will look clean and fresh, updated and with a neutral atmosphere that allows the clients to visualize themselves living there.

How do we do it? We visit your property and analyze the general condition, we look for the characteristics to highlight and details to improve. After the study, we submit a written project that suits the needs of the housing and the available budget. Once approved and signed the project, you can leave your home in our hands, we'll manage the entire project execution.

We offer personalized services at competitive prices. We specialize in residential homes, we offer since basic advice (a practical report to yourself to make the Home Staging in your home) to the management and execution of the whole project.

Our team is composed by experts in real estate sales techniques, with international certifications and extensive experience in Home Staging.

A good service at low cost.